Janet Green
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About me

I originally qualified as a Radiographer, providing a thorough background in anatomy and physiology.

My movement and dance classes are based on Labans Art of movement, the syllabus used by the Keep Fit Association. I am a qualified teacher for this Association and a trainer of teachers. I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (Level 3).
(Please go to www.keepfit.org.uk for more information.)
I have many years of teaching experience in both dance and Pilates, which complement each other perfectly. Both aim to improve posture and strength. They are enjoyable to do, helping free both body and mind from stress and tension.

I have had both hip and knee replacements, so I am in a unique position with the experience to help and encourage others to reach their full potential following surgery.

The person who has influenced my Pilates training the most is Alan Herdman.
To find out more about him you might like to read:
  • Pilates - Creating the body you want 
  • Pilates Plus - Grown-Up Pilates for 50+
Both of these books are published by Gaia Books.
Perhaps you will feel encouraged to try Pilates for yourself!!
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