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Comments from clients and practisioners

Susan Chester BA, MB BChir, MRCGP Retired GP
I strongly recommend Pilates - and in particular Jan Green as a teacher. Several years ago I developed severe osteoarthritis of one hip and I contacted her hoping to learn how to maintain the mobility in the joint, and also to prevent secondary imbalance of gait and posture due to the pain.

I knew of Pilates through my work as doctor in General Practice, and I often recommended it 
myself to patients. Also many hospital colleagues such as Orthopaedic surgeons, Rheumatologists and Physiotherapists would write suggesting Pilates for patients with various problems, especially for Back Pain.

Jan is a very skilled and an experienced teacher. She considered each of us in the group
individually, and as well as teaching us the basic principles and the core exercises of pilates, her advice and teaching was tailored to our own particular problems . It is an approach and teachingwhich leads to great self-awareness of one's body as a whole. My knowledge of anatomy from medical school days came to life in a new way ! True classical Pilates, as taught by Jan, is a verysafe approach - never leading to harm.

When I reached the stage of needing a Hip Replacement operation, Jan prepared me before
hand with specific strengthening exercises, and I think this contributed greatly to my recovery being smooth and speedy. I am now fully mobile, active and free of pain. I continue with Pilatesand I appreciate the self-awareness it gives me of my body and my posture. I continue to be very grateful to Jan Green for her teaching and I strongly recommend contacting her.

  Jon Rimmer, Cambridge        May 2013

I've been benefiting from Jan's Pilates instruction for more than two years. Prior to meeting Jan, I suffered various chronic and acute lower back problems over a period of many years. Following chiropractic treatment, Pilates was recommended as a preventative approach for strengthening my core and protecting my lower back from further damage.

Since meeting Jan, I've experienced no more back problems. Furthermore, we've applied Pilates techniques to help me participate successfully and without injury in long-distance running, which I never thought would be possible.

I'm convinced that Pilates has improved my health in many ways and have no hesitation in recommending Jan as a teacher.
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